Investment Living

Have you ever been disappointed when a dream was not realized? A lot of times we equate doing with going. “Are you willing to be sent?” we ask people, when sometimes our mission field is right in front of us. I know a couple of young ladies who raised support, and even learned a language, to “go,” only to have International doors closed. All of the time and training and relationship building were very valuable to their actual call, but for them “Go” was not over there, but rather, right here. It was a huge disappointment, and really took time to grieve.

In 1 Chronicles 17, David desired to build the Lord a temple, but God told him no. Instead, God promised to build a house for David. Not just any house, but a household with an everlasting legacy, for Jesus Christ would be born of David’s lineage. Instead, God explained that one of David’s son’s would build His temple. David spent his years securing Israel’s borders, and he dedicated much of the spoils of war to the Lord. David’s calling as a military king, with God’s help, provided Solomon with wealth and years of peace in order to build the Lord’s physical temple.

Sometimes we think we are going to do something good for God, and it really is good, but it’s not our calling or God’s timing. The enemy will get in there and try to tell us that we are a failure or that our contributions aren’t sufficient, but we can’t let ourselves get down about it. We have to trust that if we are seeking God and working to advance His kingdom, our efforts are an investments that matter.

I recently saw a video about the man who founded the Christian Missionary Alliance Church. He visioned and prayed for thirty-seven years to establish a church in the interior of Africa, but the church was not established there until the year he died. The video was asking if we are willing to invest our lives in something that will outlive us. (You can watch the video below).

Are we? Are we willing to invest in the Kingdom of God through praying, casting vision for others, connecting people, teaching, planting seed money, serving, and so many other ways that we might not even consider a contribution? Are we willing to live for King and Country anywhere? Every “mission” is critical to the Great Commission.

Has God ever told you “no” to something good, or has He told you “Not Yet” when you were excited to get started? If so, how did you respond?

Do you trust that God’s timing is important?

Are you still willing to invest, even if you never see the dream realized in your lifetime?

Small, faithful contributions today yield big kingdom interest later.

Images by Rudy and Peter Skitterians and free stock photos from from Pixabay.

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