About Me

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Hi, I’m Linda.  First and foremost I am a follower of Christ.  I love to study God’s word, and I love to share what I’m learning.

My husband Tony and I are celebrating our 24th wedding anniversary August 2020!  We have 9 children, 2 years young to 22 years old.  (Yes, this picture needs updated!)

We are a home school family with a musical bend.  Music and harmony are a deep rooted part of our family culture.  Don’t be surprised to find music in my posts.

I am a certified Natural Health Professional who cooks a LOT because a family of 11 eats A LOT!  We’re gluten-free, and I personally follow a ketogenic lifestyle.  Check out the recipe index if you are looking for new ideas for cooking these ways.

I try to keep my posts bite sized so there’s time to read and space to digest.  Growing Graceful is about becoming Full of Grace.  It’s my desire to share what “more” God is doing in my life, and I pray that you can be a light in your corner.  Be encouraged!

Thanks so much for stopping by.