Growing Grace-Full, because none of us will have it all together until the day we step into Glory, but with Christ as our Savior, we are becoming more like Him every day.

Hi, I’m glad you stopped in!  I’m Linda.  First and foremost I am a follower of Christ.  I pray that my identity in Him seeps into everything else I do, and that my life will be so FULL of grace that it overflows to all the people around me.

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I’m married to my Sweetheart-Camp Director husband, Tony, for 23 years and counting!

I’m a mom.  The most important job I ever wanted to have was to be a mom, and God has RICHLY blessed us with 9 precious children!  From18 months to 21 years young, these kids are such joy in our lives.

I also always wanted to be a teacher, and so we’re privileged to be able to home school our tribe in North Central Minnesota.

We are part of a wonderful Church.

I am certified as a Natural Health Professional and am grateful for the education that allows me to go above and beyond for my family.  “Health stuff” is part of my every day vocabulary.

I enjoy solving problems, being creative, dreaming and scheming great and marvelous things… and then we settle just for what we have time to actually accomplish.

I cook–a LOT, because a family of 11 eats A LOT!  We’re gluten-free, and I personally follow a ketogenic lifestyle.

I design jewelry.  It used to be a full time job.  These days it is a now and then hobby.

I sew!  You know, the type of items that show up on Pinterest, but don’t necessarily require a pattern?  And quilts, though I’ve never made anything larger than a twin.

I enjoy a big mug of herbal tea, often.

I read.  Constantly.  My Bible, other biblically based books, as well as health and wellness books.  I find that I learn more from teaching than I do from simply reading, and I get excited about what I’m learning, so I turn right around and share.

I sing!  Our children sing and play instruments as well.  Music and harmony are a deep rooted part of our family culture.

I hope you find something here that blesses you.  Lets keep growing Grace-Full.