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Summer is fast approaching, and the activity level around here is rising.  My husband is the Director of a year round Christian Camp that is gearing up for summer youth camps, and our schedule is beginning to reflect it.  Most Sundays we are traveling to different churches, sharing what God is doing at camp, the girls sing for the congregations, and hubby often does pulpit supply.  Most of the churches support camp, and it’s a wonderful time of catching up with people we’ve grown to love.


As we get closer to summer, working hours get longer, Hubby has to be diligent take his days-off {sometimes they just don’t happen}, and the kids are getting more distracted since the oldest 4 will be working or volunteering much of the summer.

They’ll all be disappearing in early June to go through staff training.  From then on we’ll be feverishly doing their laundry and cooking up healthy snacks for them to carry with them on Fridays and Saturdays, and on Sundays we will be running from church to staff meetings and registration as new campers come in.  Not to mention, at least one of our children will be a camper most weeks.

This past week I did my study time, but I wasn’t able to write my post on Galations 2.  I just couldn’t fit it into the other priorities.  {Did I mention my dirty laundry pile is so high you could climb it?  I didn’t keep up with that either.}

In the summer, Mondays are my Sabbath Day.  As I consider, I think it would be wise to move the series  “Praying God’s Will” to Tuesdays.  It will be easier for me to keep up, and I’ve noticed that a lot of WordPress bloggers post on Mondays.  Perhaps Tuesdays will be easier for followers?  Maybe not quite as much reading to keep up with?

It’s crazy, but it’s only for a season, and it’s worth it because summer is the most fruitful in terms of spiritual harvest.  More individuals choose a saving relationship with Jesus in summer than any other time of year here at camp.

camp fishing

Many kids come to camp every summer.

Every year the Word is planted in their lives, some summers are opportunities to water, but every year people are saved!

Camp Chapel

And discipleship?  It is a huge part of the summer as many of our junior volunteers actually come to camp to “work” as part of our DIT program {Disciples in Training}.  It is amazing to see how many of them grow up to be our counselors, go through camp’s one year internship program, and launch into “adulting” with such a good start.

camp crafts

It has been fun to see how many of the staff have coupled up over the years.  Working summers at camp gives young people the opportunity to train together, serve together, play together, mature together, and then many end up marrying their best friend.  Christian Camps foster an atmosphere of family, which is really beautiful because that is what the church is really about.

Willy and Ethan

My husband actually had the honor of marrying this couple from our church.  The young lady grew up coming to camp every summer, and then she served on our summer staff for quite a few more!



{He married Sam and Sarah too, previous staff with an amazing story.  You can read about it HERE.}

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit my blog, and for your encouraging comments.  I’m so blessed to have the opportunity to get to know you.

6 thoughts on “Blog & Ministry Update

    1. Linda

      I will have to share more about the ministry again. I hadn’t really thought of it. Thank you so much for your prayers. The enemy knows it is a fruitful time as well, and we need the prayers.

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