Low Carb Coconut Flour Pancakes

I was reminded yesterday that I needed to post this recipe.  I completely forgot that I had it listed as “coming soon” in the recipe index.  Our summer has been so full that I really have fallen out of the blogging cycle.  With our little home-school starting back up, and the chaos dying down, I can once again think.  🙂

It was rainy and gloomy this morning, so the light from my bay window was very muted.  Not the best for pictures, but pancakes were on the menu for this morning, so I decided to move forward with this post anyway!coconut pancakes 2

View from my bay window.  That is not the sun–it is a reflection of my dining room light! 

One of the reasons I like coconut flour pancakes is that they are versatile—one recipe allows me to stock the same basic ingredients while enjoying a variety of tastes.  I can enjoy it sweet, but I can also enjoy it savory.

Coconut has many beneficial characteristics.  It:

  • is a good low carb option
  • is full of colon healthy fiber
  • is mineral rich
  • is rich in medium chain fatty acids that are easy to digest (even without a gallbladder)
  • has both anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties in the body
  • the oil increases the body’s ability to assimilate the nutrition it takes in
  • actually speeds metabolism (can’t say that about other fat rich foods)
  • is particularly beneficial for brain health
  • and so. much. more!


Our family enjoys these pancakes with just a little flax for different texture.  If you do not want to use the flax, then also omit the water.  A lot of recipes for coconut use a generous dose of oil as well.  I’ve found this is not necessary.  Being keto, I eat fat, but I’d rather eat it ON my pancakes then to eat it IN them.  I like toppings!  😉

Dry ingredients: mix together in a small bowl                                            

1/4 cup coconut flour

2 TBS. ground flax seed

1/4 tsp. baking soda

Wet ingredients:  whip together in a separate container

4 eggs, scrambled

2 TBS. water

1/2 tsp. apple cider vinegar

Combine the wet and dry ingredients.  A mixer does a good job of eliminating clumps.  Allow the batter to sit for a few minutes to soak in the moisture while you heat the skillet.

I cook mine in cast iron and use approximately 1 tsp. of butter in the pan for each pancake, front and back.

To make 2 large pancakes, cook 1/2 cup of batter at a time.

Nutritional information for 2 servings via cronometer.com: Calories: 266.4 kcal; Total fat: 17.7 grams; Carbohydrate: 10.4 grams; Fiber: 6 grams  (4.4 Net Carbs); Protein: 15.4 grams

For 3 slightly smaller pancakes, use a 1/3 cup utensil to pour batter.

Nutritional information for 3 servings via cronometer.com:  Calories: 189.1 kcal;  Carbohydrate: 6.9 grams; Fiber: 4 grams (2.9 net carbs) Protein: 10.3 grams; Fat:13.1 grams
coconut pancakes 1

These do take longer to cook through than their grain counterparts.  Once pans are hot, I use a # 3.5 – 4 setting on my stove.  Again, I cook in cast iron.

Savory option:

To dry ingredients, add:

1/4 tsp. garlic powder or granules

1/4 tsp. onion powder

1/8 tsp. tumeric powder

1/2 tsp. dill

Butter generously.   You may enjoy nutritional yeast on top.  I like to eat these with a fried egg or sauteed vegetables for breakfast.

I have been known to make these more thin and cover the savory pancakes with pizza toppings or “taco-ey” fixings, too.


Sweet Options:

What flavors do you like:  Cinnamon and nutmeg are both tasty in these pancakes.

Try some vanilla or other extracts to change the flavor.

Do you like yours more sweet like a traditional pancake?  Add a little stevia or 2 TBS of Swerve sweetener.

Try topping with coconut butter.  You might add a few low carb berries for added flavor, or omit the coconut butter and do a little dollop of unsweetened greek yogurt with your berries instead.

Add a touch of pumpkin and pumpkin spice to your pancakes for a seasonal treat.  The possibilities are vast.

This photo shows a little almond butter with unsweetened, dessicated coconut sprinkled on top.  Yum!

coconut pancakes 3

Are you trying to feed your children healthier food fare?  My kids enjoy these pancakes too.

coconut flour pancakes 5

Mmmmm… 😀

Have fun experimenting, and enjoy!




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