A Fresh Perspective

I am sitting at my husband’s “new” desk at LifeChange Camp where he has just begun his tenure as Camp Director. The home we are blessed with does not currently have internet or a landline. My cell phone gets horrible reception. You can find me out in the front yard or standing by windows to upload an occasional Facebook update. Hence, the reason I am at my husband’s office! Taking time to check in with you helps me feel a little more settled.

We left Minnesota bright and early on Sunday, January 1st. We had 2 U-Haul trucks towing car dollies, 2 vans (one towing a utility trailer), and a truck towing an enclosed trailer. Two other families drove vehicles down and stayed to help us unload on Monday.

We arrived at LifeChange Camp that night.

The camp founders were prepared for us, providing each family a cabin. I was grateful to not have to sleep on the floor of the house, but the bedding we slept on the last night at our Minnesota home was shoved here and there in trucks and trailers… no one knew where to find it. So, the 4 year old slept between coats, the 12 year old rolled himself up in a blanket (clothes and all), and the rest of us were hit and miss on whether we had pillows or other bedding. I slept in my clothes. We all had toothbrushes though!

Monday morning we were up, bright and early, for breakfast. We were met by yet another Minnesota couple, and everyone helped us unload before our help all headed back home. The camp provided our first 5 meals so that I could unpack without cooking. This is our new home. I am so cared for.

Tony had the first two weeks to help us unpack and settle in. This week he is learning the ropes. I am still chasing down boxes, waiting for Ikea to get the shelves I want, and figuring out how to organize. It’s going to take awhile. We are back to homeschooling, planning which church to visit week three, still making address changes, learning where resources are available, figuring out insurance, visiting the DMV, and all the things that continue to pop up.

In the midst of it all, I am nightly writing than-you’s, overwhelmed by God’s goodness and His love, shown through the hands and hugs of other people who love Him and are teaching me something new about sacrifice. Who takes time off and spends money to drive a moving truck cross country with a friend? Who relocates to dedicate their entire retirement to volunteering for a ministry?

Like Abraham and Moses, I see people following the leading of God, becoming the blessing that brings rescue and encouragement to others. I even met a Joseph, far from home, bringing the living bread to starving tribes of the world. God is still bringing mercy in streams where there was once wilderness.

I am waking up earlier, praying for God’s leading about what my priorities should be and how to tackle them, and my eyes are open afresh to God’s heart and the way He sees this world. One might say we followed God here because He had things for us to do or people to teach, but some days I wonder if this is all just designed to be a classroom where I am to learn. My to-do list from now to the end of January is massive, but it will get done. In the midst of the busy, God has granted me peace like I have never known before.

My oldest daughter and her husband have already visited from Minnesota, and more guests are on the calendar. I am amazed by the number of people who just want to follow us down for a week or two or month to volunteer.

The phone company thinks they will be out to run the high-speed internet into the house in the next 6 weeks, so if it’s God’s plan, maybe I can join you back here on the blog on a more regular basis by March! That would be nice. I sooo miss writing. That and piano are my main stress relief. Thanks for hanging in there and being patient with me while we get settled. Please keep praying. Happy New Beginnings, and Hugs from Missouri!

2 thoughts on “A Fresh Perspective

  1. Dawn Mykkanen

    We have and will continue to pray. We miss you dearly but know God has great things planned for us as well as all of you. We have seen Him opening doors here as well. So exciting to see His hand in the little things as well as some bigger things. He is so good and so faithful.

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