Reflections of Psalm 23; Day 12

And I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

We have learned so much about the habits of sheep: how they need to be kept safe and free of fear, well fed, free of parasites and annoyances, and other disturbances like rivalry within the flock. Otherwise, they cannot even lie down to rest. A good shepherd tends to all these needs, and his sheep are healthy and content! Why would they ever want to leave the care of their shepherd? They are well and happy to be part of the “house” of their shepherd, and of their flock which is their family.

My husband and I have been blessed by the Lord with a large family. There are nine children in our “flock.” We have a full house, and it can get noisy, but most of the time it is peaceful. Our children feel safe, and by God’s grace they are kept healthy, clean and they usually get along. Over the years, when young people have visited our home, I have heard them comment that the thing that stands out to them about our family is that our children love each other.

Kind of shocking. Don’t all families love each other? But it’s true that my kids come home from camp talking about how this or that cabin-mate said they can’t stand their siblings. Or they talk about how other teens can’t wait to get away from home. This isn’t the kind of household David was talking about when he penned this psalm.

The Bible tells us that we can’t have two masters. If we belong to Jesus we cannot belong to the world. But if one does not belong to Jesus, they do belong to the world, and Satan (the devil) is the master of all those. He is a terrible master and does not care for those under him. Their needs will not be met and, like sheep who have a negligent shepherd, will die in want.

Jesus is a good shepherd, and those who belong to Him are glad to abide in His household forever. That is where I will be, and I am so very blessed.

How about you?

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

This post concludes this series which was inspired by A Shepherd Looks At Psalm 23 by Keller, W. Phillip.Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2007. Print.

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2 thoughts on “Reflections of Psalm 23; Day 12

  1. Signora Sheila

    Sad to say families with strife are all too common. But I’ve noticed that kids often behave that way toward their siblings due to peer pressure. It’s considered cool and normal in school circles. So sad.


    1. Linda

      I agree with you whole-heartedly. Schools definitely present opportunities for peer pressure to influence the way children talk about their families, but there are so many other influences. Parents often fall into the trap of making hurtful comments under the guise of “just kidding” when there is always some truthful feeling underlying what they say. Television shows and books constantly portray parents as being incompetent, while children are smart aleck and argumentative with authority and siblings. The enemy is really coming against the family. I should probably stop commenting and write a new post. 😉
      God bless you, Sheila! Praying for you.


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