Are Magnetic Toys Safe for Our Children’s Health?

Did you know that you have magnetite in your brain?  It’s true!  Science hasn’t discovered all the ways that this magnetic mineral is involved in our bodies’ processes, but we do know that our bodies have a polarity (electromagnetic direction), and that when this polarity is not functioning properly it can cause negative symptoms in our health.

Magnetic toys are fun!  Honestly, our only set of magnetic toys was bought by my husband when our first born was tiny… too tiny to play with them, but HE liked magnetic toys and he wanted to be prepared to play WITH said child when she got a little older.

The variety of magnetic toys on the market has grown, but our collection has not.  As an HK practitioner (Health Kinesiology), my natural health practice IS well stocked with magnets.  They may be used for electric current corrections.  These currents are typically set askew by metals that are introduced into the body.

HK magnets

Also, magnets may be used to correct the effects of electomagnetism on the body… we are bombarded by this from an increasing number of places these days.  Computers, Wireless internet, cell phones, televisions and more.

Magnets have been used, placed in various locations, to ease pain.  I have seen miraculous results.  But knowing that our bodies have a definite electromagnetic orientation and the powerful effect magnets can have on the body, I am hesitant to let my children play with magnetic toys.  Their little hands are just FULL of sensitive meridian points.  Our solitary set comes out a couple times a year.

Corban Magnetics

I also remind pregnant mothers to keep all magnets and electromagnetic devices away from their baby bellies.

Other types of corrections I have done for clients may deal with cellular spin.  When these corrections come up I ask clients if they have ever had an MRI.  To date, all my clients have answered yes.  MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imagining.

What are some recommendations that can help keep us healthy?

Avoid, as best as possible, introducing metals into your body. 

This can come from food sources (pesticides), dentistry metals, implants, vaccinations, as well as from the pans we use to cook and store our foods.  Foods will leach metals from our stainless and aluminum containers.  Better options are glass and ceramic coated metal.

Some vocations deal with metals every day.  My husband spent college years as a metal grinder on an assembly line.  Before ever having an MRI on his upper body, he would require an x-ray to make sure that there are no metal shavings in his eyes or other sensitive areas {The strong magnetism of a MRI could rip them right out.}

Limit electromagnetic exposure:

Including magnetic toys, 😉

Use of computers, televisions and other hand held devices.

Consider turning off wireless internet at night.

Remove “fit bits” and other personal devices when you sleep.

Remove electric blankets from your bed.

Avoid carrying cell phones on your person.  ESPECIALLY PREGNANT MAMAS.  I just cringe when I see a pregnant woman carrying a phone in her front pocket or waist line of her pants.  I keep mine in my purse and do not play games or do extra activities on it.

Keep electronic devices away from your bed where you sleep.  Try to keep your bedroom as free of these devices as possible.

Only use MRI’s and other invasive scans as a last resort.

These tests can save lives, but that doesn’t make them healthy.  They’ve become so common that people don’t give them a second thought, yet they are not without side effects.  There is a time and a place where they are needed and appreciated, but be careful not to use them simply as a convenience if they are not absolutely necessary.  Your doctor can inform you of all your options.


Note: I am not a medical doctor.  Nothing in this post should be used to diagnose, prescribe or treat any illness. The above guidelines are only recommendations.

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